Re: Pop up & kayak

Posted by DaveP on Apr 1, 2008

I put a 16 footer FILLED with STUFF on mine to go camping in December (summer here in New Zealand). But my popoup came with racks someone had made with bases riveted at the four corners of the camper body. The rivets probably go into the steel frame/chassis. Two longitudinal steel racks slot in and bolt to the bases so it is all easily removable and the roof carries no load. I made a couple of wooden crossmembers with foam blocks and sat the boat in there upright. With this solid base I had no fear in loading it with STUFF: paddles, jackets, outboard, anchor, fishing gear.. This worked well for me: low windage on the road, more room for STUFF, easy to lift on and off (without the STUFF in!).

I would be wary of putting much load on the roof. If I didn't have my racks, I'd spread the load as much as possible, say with foam blocks (sheets), noting the corners of the roof will be much stronger than the middle and add only light STUFF.

Dave P (the happy camper)

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