Question about planing MC 16.5 sheer

I flipped my boat upright today for planing the sheer.  The foredeck from the forward bulkhead forward was easy.  I used a $20 Buck Bros plane from HD.  I bought an inexpensive sharpener with coarse and fine sides.  I set the blade to a very shallow cut and it worked with very little effort.

My question is about the aft area.  The MC 16.5 comes with two planing guides that I assume need to be connected together so they will reach across the boat.  I can't find anything that tells me where to clamp them together.  Can someone shed some light on that one?  I think I simply make sure the arc along the bottom edge is lined up and just use a couple clamps to hole it all together.  Like this?


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RE: Question about planing MC 16.5 sheer

As you can see, I did not use MAS epoxy for the fillets.  I used West System Six-10 epoxy.  This is the stuff that comes in a tube like caulk.  Put it in a caulk gun and go.  I still taped and used a rounded filleting tool to finish the job.  It was easy and neat.  Everything else is MAS Epoxy.  Since this is my first boat, I don't really know what blush is, but I assume my fillets are a great example of blush.  This area will be painted.

RE: Question about planing MC 16.5 sheer

Well my impatience said to go for it and that's just what I did.  It took less than an hour and my results look pretty good as long as I used the 30" radius guide properly.



The sharpened blade made this easy.  This is what fell into the stern.  There is a lot more on the floor:


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