Help with seat and paddle

Just got back from Tampa last night. Boat traveled well on car top for 900 miles. We put boats in at Fort Desoto park last sunday. Beautiful day but quite windy.  I knew not where I was going so just followed. I really like creeks and rivers!  It was a vigorous 4-5 hour kayak. Much wind, waves, etc. The boat did well. I did ok.

Now, important to get the right paddle and seat. My std seat with Chesapeake 17LT was ok, but I want the most comfortable with good back support. Have we suggestions?  I don't care where I buy from.  

Creature Comfort Seat? Any comments. I tried the Mistral Paddle by Grey Owl and liked it. Anyone have comments on it, or Anyone have experience with Bending Branch Paddles?  Experience from users appreciated. I am enjoying the work of the kayak, it is very pretty and a nice boat.

The spray skirt is another item I want to buy now. I think it will save from real problems down the road when the seas and wind get a bit feisty.


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RE: Help with seat and paddle


Surf to Summit has a very nice selection of seats and backrests, both together and seperate.


RE: Help with seat and paddle

for the Spray Skirt, I would recommend Seals.  I picked mine up @ MEC.CA, they have a really good return policy so if it does not fit, you can always return it.

RE: Help with seat and paddle

I have issues with my lower back and my wife sometimes has leg pain from sciatica.  I replaced my Canondale mountain bike seat with an anatomic gel seat a few years ago and it made a HUGE difference.

For our MC 16.5, I'm going to try a couple of gel seats like these.  They are 1inch thick:


RE: Help with seat and paddle

I used the seat that came with the LT 16 (tractor )  for a while but found that although it kept me low in the boat and stable, i began to get numnbess from sitting too long.  I finally took a block of the dense closed cell foam, cut notches in the side to fit around the hip braces, sliced a long wedge off the bottom of each side to match the slant of the bottom pannels, and cut a groove down the center bottom to let water drain through.  Then I sat on it and sort of traced the shape of my but and started carving away with a knife, and then with a "sharkskin" rasp, and then finally with coarse sand paper to get the shape of me molded into the foam, cutting as deeply as possible without comming out the bottom.  I now have a very comfortable seat that almost never gives me nerve problems.  I wish I had the link but several people have posted more detailed explanations of this process.  Mainly trial and error until it feels right.


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