Another HVLP Question

Guys, I have a 2HP 8gal compressor.  The typical type with wheels you buy at Home Depot.  It can deliver 4.2CFM @ 90psi or 5.7CFM @ 40psi.  I have read that I need more than this, but those guys were painting cars.  Is this enough to paint a16ft boat?

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RE: Another HVLP Question

I have painted boats both ways, spraying and brushing. I find I can get a better finish with a roller and foam brush tip-out than with a spray gun and, when you factor in clean-up time and efforts, it's faster and easier. -Wes

RE: Another HVLP Question

hvlp is all about gettin a high volumne or cfm to the gun and the right air cap and needle to spry the typre of material you are spraying if you have never done it you will spend more time and money getting setup

if you spary  in warm weather a small compressor will start to push moisture throught the air lines and you will need a moisture trap to catch the water it  will work untill the trap gets to warm for the moisture to condense and drop out of the air passing through

find a small shop that will spray it will be the way to go or brush it on

RE: Another HVLP Question

Thanks for the feedback.  My compressor has a moisture filter and I have a really long hose that I was going to partly coil in a bucket of ice.  I also have the HVLP sprayers but have never used them.  I may actually just take it to an auto painter with my supplies or just do it myself using sponge brushes, bristle brushes and rollers.

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