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Howdy. I noticed that I've got a rub mark on my recently cured up varnish that I need to fix. Do any of you know if I can just wet sand the area and touch it up, or do I need to wetsand the whole deck and recoat? I certainly don't want the touch up to show and am willing to do another coat on the deck, but, of course, I don't want to. That said, there are worse things than adding another coat of varnish...

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RE: varnish touch up

Unfortunately, varnish touch-ups will pretty much always show up.  The varnish you are applying will not have a wet edge to 'melt' into, and you'll therefore see the beginning and end of the touch up as a slightly raised edge of varnish.  That being said, depending on the location of the touch up and how much varnish you'll be applying over it, it might hardly be noticeable.  If you're on the final coats anyway, I'd just throw another coat on instead (I got a small brush mark on my deck's final coat, but decided that 6 coats was more then enough, and it was going to fall under a bungee anyway).


RE: varnish touch up

After scratching the hull a bit I had some down time and did a quick wet sand and threw another coat of varnish on. But now it's time to paddle! No it's not perfect, but it floats and passes the 5 foot test pretty well. See you all on Saturday


RE: varnish touch up

Thanks for the info. I think I'll just go ahead and put another coat on her.

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