Self Rescue using Paddle Float

I was going to install two nylon straps on the deck that run along the centerline for inserting a paddle blade in case of capsizing.  The fore deck has the most available space for this, but...I wonder if the aft or forward hatch would work for this purpose (one of them will probably serve as storage for the paddle float).  Has anyone tried this, or is it not strong enough? Also, if it were to roll over again during re-boarding, the forward section beyond the bulkhead could fill with water.  Now that I have typed this, I think the straps are a better idea.  I think I should reseal the hatch after I remove the foam paddle float!  But...has anyone ever tried this?

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RE: Self Rescue using Paddle Float

CLC hasa diagram of deck rigging commonly installed on kayaks here:

Most people install a pattern of bungee cords (box shaped or box with an X - see diagram on the link) just behind the cockpit to use for paddle re-entry.  The bungee cords allow a tight fit, but enough give that you can put the end of the paddle underneath them.  Putting it behind the cockpit allows for the most stability since you'll be sliding the upper part of your body over this spot behind the cockpit during the re-entry.  

Also, it's a good idea to store the paddle float (and a pump) on the deck instead of in one of the hatches so you can get to it very quickly in case of emergency.  

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RE: Self Rescue using Paddle Float

Thanks Kathy, I completely forgot to look at that section.  The bungee makes more sense than using the webbing.

RE: Self Rescue using Paddle Float

I would also highly recommend taking a class in wet rescue techniques. -Wes

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