Hand painting graphics

I would like to hand paint a graphic on my WD12 before I fiberglass the hull.  Does anyone know if the paint would interfere with the epoxy and fiberglass adhering to the hull?




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RE: Hand painting graphics

I am also interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with painting directly onto the boat before laying the fiberglass.  My concern is the heat which is producted during the epoxy caoting and how that might affect painted graphics.

RE: Hand painting graphics

I have painted designs with acrylic paint and have run into no problems.

RE: Hand painting graphics

This is what I came up with.  The lower half of the kayak from the seam down will be graphite, so the deep sanding spots won't be seen.  I used acrylic testors model paint. 

RE: Hand painting graphics

RE: Hand painting graphics

I paint on the epoxy after sanding and then varnish over it.



RE: Hand painting graphics


That was the kind of advice I was looking for two weeks ago before I painted.  I guess we will see how it comes out.  I glassed the hull today, and it looked like it was adhering well.

RE: Hand painting graphics

I've worked with wood burning and have tested with water based stain and water colors.  While you don't get the 'vividness' of acrylic, you get a coloring that doesn't occlude the wood and the epoxy can absorb though.

RE: Hand painting graphics


That is an elegant little duck. Keep us posted on how it holds up.



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