Question about hollow masts (Skerry)

Hi Everyone,

I recently glued up a hollow mast for the Skerry. It's made of 4 lengths of spruce cut 0.5" x 1.5" to give a 2" square cross section. The inside is coated with epoxy.

Should I cap the ends of the mast to make a watertight interior? Should I add a plug for ventillation? How about just leaving the ends open?

I really enjoy all the experience and advice that's been shared around this forum. Thanks in advance,



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RE: Question about hollow masts (Skerry)

I'm currently making a hollow mast for my canoe, and I'm planning to leave a 1/2" drainhole at the base, which will be plugged when sailing, but left open when stored, to allow draining of any water, and venitlation generally.

On boats, no matter how carefully sealed, at least some water will sooner or later get into every cavity... 

RE: Question about hollow masts (Skerry)

Thanks David! That's good advice. I'll cap the ends and add a plug for drainage.


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