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I'm hoping you will see this and maybe explain how you finished your rubrails at the stem and stern.  I'm assuming it was hand shaped.

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RE: Question for dehager

Rub rails were cut to length +1/4" and tapered about 18" back with a hand plane prior to installing. I shaped the bow and stern after I attached the rub rails with epoxy and brass brad, don't forget to drill pilot holes. I glassed the deck first and did not wrap the epoxy over and around the rub rails, I wanted to be able to easily remove and replace them after years of use.

RE: Question for dehager

Oops... I meant to say I did not wrap the fiberglass over the rubrails. I did coat the rub rails with a few coats of epoxy as I filled the weave of the deck fiberglass.

RE: Question for dehager

Thanks!  I have already glassed the deck and did not wrap the glass.  I drilled, nailed and epoxied the rubrails and then traced the shape I wanted around the stem and stern with a razor knife.  Then I used a flexible Japense saw to cut the basic curve and then shaped with my palm sander.  I still need to add some additional epoxy, but I think they turned out OK.  Definitely not a show winner like yours, but I think it will float.


I need to fill some gaps with epoxy.  I think I need to round over the edges and add another coat of unthickened epoxy.

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