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i would be interested in what folks out there who have completed a CLC kayak have chosen for their seat and what their opinion about comfort has been. Currently i have the standard seat that comes with the CLC 17 kayak kit(rapid pulse back band) but the whole thing looks rather flimsy or should I say the backrest looks especially unsupportive. In the past i have used boats with pretty full back support that often rises slightly over the rear edge of the combing. At any rate it seems once you glue one of these in, it's too late to change your mind.

Any opinions about the various styles that CLC offers plus are they really irreversible once glued in?

Thanks !

Michael H.

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RE: kayak seats

I bought the Creature Comfort (built a 17 from plans..., so was open to many seat options).  The "slings" that you describe didn't look very substantial and the "CC" gets great reviews on this forum, so while I haven't  used it yet, it's pretty substantial (butt and back) and I think I'll be happy with it.

The CC goes in with two strips of stick-on velcro, so if I find I don't like it removing it won't be a problem.

Good luck,


RE: kayak seats

I am using the stock back band on my Shearwater and am finding it quite supportive. It took a little tweaking,  but it hits my lumbar just right. I have higher seat backs on my plastic Manitous and they are comfortable, but difficult to climb over when doing a self rescue.

As per the other thread on this topic, the jury is still out on the seat bottom. I am using the 'happy bottom' seat with built in thigh supports. I did not install the supplied plywood supports and foam. Overall, it's been fine for me, but I have not glued it down yet. I am finding I need to set my foot pegs farther forward to be comfortable for longer paddles .


RE: kayak seats

I have 4 CLC kayaks and have carved my own seats out of minicell foam.  They are custom fit to the individual paddler and are quite comfortable.  Check out this link.  http://www.oneoceankayaks.com/Wshophtm/kayakseat18b.htm


RE: kayak seats

I mistakenly gave you the link to the second page instead of the beginning of the seat carving instructions.  This link is the correct one. http://www.oneoceankayaks.com/Wshophtm/kayakseat18a.htm

RE: kayak seats

Thanks all for your prompt responses re: seats! What a great group out there!

Michael H

RE: kayak seats

Bill- thank you for the site link and for sharing your preferances in seats. The finished product looks comfortable and is the way that I will be addressing the seat delema for my wood duck. One of the questions that I have is if water gets into the boat does the minicell act like a sponge or retain water? What of the commercialy offered seat are any water proof or resistant??----CZ

RE: kayak seats

The clc website says that their minicell foam does not absorb water, it shouldn't anyway if it closed cell foam.

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