I did some sanding tonight and it wasn't bad

I was going to flip the boat to start sanding the hull tonight, but the deck was just staring at me.  So, I decided to give it a try.  I used my RO sander with 80 and then 120 grit.  It took me maybe 1.5 hrs and I got it to this point.  I still need to sand with 220, but that comes after I sand and paint the hull.

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RE: I did some sanding tonight and it wasn't bad

Jeff nice job----I have the hybrid with the strips and I just had to have at part of the top with the R.O. before construction was completed just to get a better feel of what it was going to look like--its going to be awesome. With the plan to paint it is probably not a big deal-- but I would think that the 80 grit would get you through the exterior veneer  pretty quick if you were not careful ??  CZ

RE: I did some sanding tonight and it wasn't bad


It's 1:07am (boat builder hours).  I was just coming in for the night.  The hull is the only part that will be painted.  The deck will be varnished.  I hope to get through the hull sanding quickly.  I'll start with 80 and then get to 120 pretty quickly before finishing with the 220.  I was much neater on the deck with the epoxy than I was on the hull.  There are definitely some runs on the hull.

Good luck with the hybrid.  I look forward to seeing it.

RE: I did some sanding tonight and it wasn't bad

I almost sanded through the veneer on my aft deck.  Very slightly, but oh so disappointing to mess up what was a beautiful peice of wood.  My problem was bad lighting in the garage and too many passes by hand with the 220 trying to get the damn ROS swirlies out.  I did not even notice the problem until I glassed the deck and looked at it in the sunlight.  Ever since, the thought of 80 grit on bare wood is like finger nails on a chalk board.


RE: I did some sanding tonight and it wasn't bad

I'm way beyond bare wood.  Mine is glassed from top to bottom.  I was sanding the epoxied deck in preparation for varnish.  I only sanded my bare wood with 220.  The photo above is after 80 and 120 grit and a RO sander.  I wiped it down with a damp cloth to look for any problems.  Before I varnish it, i'm going to hit it with 220 using a palm sander only.  The tight spots will be sanded by hand.  Once I start adding varnish, I have 220 and 600 wet paper.

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