Two things. First, the link to OkoumeFest here just has the dates. John, any other info you can give us? Inquiring minds want to know. And second, how many of you forum guys are planning to attend? I know Laszlo will be there offering free crabcakes to all involved and I'm planning on heading on up, but I don't think I can talk Kurt into making the trip.

George K

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RE: OkoumeFest


The crabcakes are a limited offer and those who are eligible have already been informed. George, on the other hand, is giving away his Sea Island Sport, free, to the first person to call him at home between the hours of midnight and 4 am.



RE: OkoumeFest

Hey Laszlo,

Good answer! However, after learming of my offer on the SIS I have unplugged all telephones, cancelled the internet, placed concertina wire around the house and bought several large dogs. And did I mention the moat filled with hungry 'gators? But I am still looking forward to those crabcakes!

George K

p.s. The Sea Island is now my wife's boat so it's not mine to give away anyway!

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