Modifying a Pax 18

I have plans for a Pax 18 but will probably never build one. Was wondering about creating a paddleboard using a Pax18 hull?

Its a bit long so would probably have to scale it down a bit. Lower the shear line. Add a couplle of stringers between bulkheads.

can anybody see any major flaws with this idea?


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RE: Modifying a Pax 18

You wouldn't necessarily have to trim the lenght as the unlimiteds run 17-20' or so. You could trim down the foredeck, the aft dect is pretty flat as it is. The main problem you'd have would be stability. The Pax 18 bottom has a pretty well defined "V" shape, paddleboards are flatter. Compare the San O paddleboards to the Pax and you'll see what I mean. If you do go ahead with the project it'll be fast. I've raced a San O 14 in my WR18 and was amazed at the speed he was getting just using hands for power.

George K

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