graphite "rub rails"

I never thought of doing rub rails on my kayak till I saw one of these beatiful boats in person and the creator had installed rub rails. I was suprized how much I liked them. So I was thinking of doing them til I had another thought and thought I would get some opinions.

I plan on graphiteing the bottom of my kayak "paint the bottom black" and then instead of painting the shear edge (that was my orginal plan) "paint" the graphite on in the same manner.

I have been trying to find a pick of what I mean the loset is the "painting over the deck" in the boat builders tips. But I would only go down from sheer line on the hull a couple inches.

Now that I have confused everyone, hopefully someone who has used the graphite before ca give me an opinion. Think it would work and would there be enough leftover?



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RE: graphite "rub rails"

I just finished painting the hull of my Wife's WD12 in carbon.  Also did rub stripps on the bow and stern of my SOF.  mix up unthickened epxoy and combine 50/50 by volume with the carbon.  You will end up with black paint.  It does not go all paste like the way wood floor or cab-o-sil does.  I rollered my on and tipped it our with a foam brush to a smooth high gloss finish.  To a test on a piece of scrap.  I used blue painter's tape and it worked OK, I hear the 3M Fine Line is way better.  I removed the tape while the epoxy was still tacky and cleaned the edge with a q-tip and vinegar.  I have also found an exacto knife works well if once the epoxy has mostly lost its tack but still green. 

I like the idea!  I have a rub rail on my SOF, kinda a requirement, not planning on one for the WD12 or my [future] C18... thinking...

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