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I picked up a can of clear reflective paint at the hardware store the other day, planning to try it on the boats.  I do a lot of night paddling and have lots of reflectors on the boat.  Thinking that if this works I can just paint a stripe or design over the varnish.  Curious if anyone has experience with this.  I am planning to do a test on a piece of scrap first.

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RE: reflective paint

 hi dave just read your submittion about reflective paint.  during my time in the navy as a sea survival equipment specialist , my job included the fitting of reflective materials to water craft and other specialist equipment.  my recomendations would be to use retro reflective tape.  this tape is made up of many tiny reflective lens inprinted in the base ( like little hexagons joined together). reflective paint is not as good.

 once in place it will not come off easily. made by 3M  downside it's expensive but is very effective.  emergency vehicles and truck trailers use it .  the most effective colour is blue.  for a boat the international colour is orange or red for the stern.

hope this info helps


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