My biggest fears when paddling

Since I'll be paddling in N Georgia, these are my biggest fears in order:




and of course #1

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RE: My biggest fears when paddling

And I was worried about tipping over!!!  What mis-placed fear was that??? (I'm in southeastern VA; not too far from N.G., and who knows what else!?!).


Great post!


RE: My biggest fears when paddling

I guess I should count my lucky stars that in Colorado we have a noticable shortage of that particular variety of hill-billie. My biggest fear is a bad dream----Round the corner and hear the roar of the water-fall with no time to make shore...CZ

RE: My biggest fears when paddling


Wanna know a secret? It was just a movie.




RE: My biggest fears when paddling


Wanna know a secret? It was just a movie.



Hey Laz,

Come on up or down to the N GA mountains.  It is true wilderness just off some of the roads.  I guarantee you we could find dudes just like the ones in that movie within a day.  True Story:  Me, my wife, daughters and mother-inlaw turned onto the wrong road one day and were confronted by three stereotypical mountain men with long beards and they were-a-toten a shotgun.  We were told with no debate to turn around and vacate immediately.  At least that's what I think they said.  I'm pretty sure we were too close to their meth lab or something.  I'm more of a city dweller but we own a place on a nice lake in a nice town up there.  But, in a few minutes, you can get primative very quickly. 

As far as the movie...I can definitely take you to the Chatooga River and the Tallulah Gorge where that movie was shot.  Yep, they are real places and a lot of the people in that movie were locals...not actors.  The banjo playing kid owns a restaurant and he is actually a normal looking person.  He was also in the movie "Big Fish". 


The Chatooga River is a registered Wild and Scenic River, which means it is not dam controlled and some other nature stuff.  It has five Class 5 rapids.  The problem is there is no dam, so some years the water is too low for real raft or yak fun.  The Gauley River in W VA is a beast every year.  I did the Lower Gauley on an inflatable kayak three year ago and I was scared more than once.   That river really is the beast from the east.

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