Quick Question re Fill Coats

I'm sure that I've read the answer here before, but it's currently alluding my search.  I'm doing a light fill coat on the interior of my SW17, but the wet-out coat left a few drips with a small bit of pooling in a couple spots.  Would you recommend sanding out the drips, etc before the fill-coat or after?  I guess my concern would be sanding into the glass if I did it beforehand.  Thanks for your help as always.


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RE: Quick Question re Fill Coats

You really don't need any fill coatsw inside the boat.  The exposed weave gives you a little bit of nonj-skid and the extra eposy is just weight.  If you have some drips that might snag something then knock them down with sanding or a scraper.  If you are talking about the cockpit then a few coast of varnish will prtect you frm teh sun, otherwise leave it as is.


RE: Quick Question re Fill Coats

Thanks Paul. I didn't have anything near bad enough to cause a usage problem - this was just cosmetic. I ended up sanding/scraping the high spots down in the cockpit and then applied a very thin coat of epoxy to seal it up. It seems to have worked well and shouldn't have added too much weight. The boat seems to be coming along well.

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