Loose fasteners by the pound?

Slightly off topic but I have never even heard of Tractor Supply Co. except through this forum.

In my 4th of July travels I ended up off the interstate in Delaware and found myself passing a Tractor Supply store.  I was immediately reminded that I had forgotten for the upteenth time to stop at Home Depot so I pulled in.

I came up to the counter with:
(4) 3/8" x 2.5" bolts
(4) 3/8" x 3" bolts
(4) 3/8" nuts
(4) washers

Regular stuff, no fancy metals.  The girl at the checkout put them on a scale and charged me $1.99/lb for the "Bulk Selling SKU", total purchase price for 0.85 lbs of hardware is $1.69.

I have been shopping in little hardware stores and Home Depots throughout the mid-Atlantic region and I have never been charged by the pound for any bolt/washer/nut fasteners.  

Is this common?  Is it just Tractor Supply?  Did she make a mistake when she rung it up?


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RE: Loose fasteners by the pound?

I can recall buying nails and screws by the pound, but not since the 70s. Seems like an easy way to do things. I never liked the Home Depot method of putting each bolt in a sealed plastic bag. Too much waste, imo


RE: Loose fasteners by the pound?

Tractor Supply is a very useful store.  It's a great place to get trailer parts, mower parts, Carharts, feed, wool socks, and a whole host of other farm-related goodies.

RE: Loose fasteners by the pound?

Another rather unique product they have- deer fencing.  An ever so light(like a

hairnet) plastic mesh, 7 ft (doubled on a 3/5 ft. roll) x 120 ft, about $24.  It

completely repelled the deer that ravaged my garden 3 yrs. ago.  And lasted

2 yrs. in the sun (all year) w/o degrading!

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