Peel Ply PassageMaker

Looking at the PassageMaker it seems all parts are pre-coated with epoxy while flat before assembly.

Reading the CLC site ( about Peel Ply I see this:

"What if you could skip two of the three coats of epoxy and most of the sanding?  Well, you can.  Sometimes." 

So does this mean that peel ply can be used on hull pieces as well? Does this mean less epoxy / less sanding / lighter weight? 

I am not trying to cut corners, but sometimes new technology can save time without hurting quality. 

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RE: Peel Ply PassageMaker

peel ply is used extensively in composite aircraft and boat construction. It's basicly a nylon fabric that won't bond to epoxy or the sustrate and absorbs some of the excess epoxy to reduce weight. The main reason for it's use is when it's peeled off it leaves the surface with the right texture for the next layer of glass without any sanding needed. Never tried it over wood but my gut feeling is it would pull some fibers with it. Seen pictures of aircraft where the builder acidentally left it between glass layers. Held up for a couple years before the wing skin delaminated. Not pretty.



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