Graphite/epoxy mixture ratio

I'm using graphite/epoxy on the bottom panels of a SW 17 Hybrid. The graphite can says to use a 1:10 ratio of graphite to epoxy, by volume. So, for 4 oz resin, 2 oz hardener, I use 0.6 oz (about 1.8 tsp) graphite. I've put on one coat so far, but it's not very black yet. Is my ratio correct? If so, any guess as to how many coats it will take? Does it end up being a flat black?

Jim L

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RE: Graphite/epoxy mixture ratio


That's a pretty thin mix. I use 30% graphite with a touch of cab-o-sil for a base coat, then 40% graphite, no cab-o-sil for the top coat. It finishes out to a very deep glossy black.



RE: Graphite/epoxy mixture ratio

I used three coats of a 25% mix on my hull and it has worked very well for 1 year. I'd consider an additional coat.�

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