Dust control

I'm midway through varnishing my CH-16LT. I built a tent-like structure around the boat, and I started varnishing the bottom and sides, with the boat upsde down. I've noticed that in spite of my best efforts, there appears to be some dust or some other "stuff" in the varnish on the bottom. However, the sides look totally dust-free. This got me thinking that when I varnish the deck, perhaps I should turn the boat on its side, so the deck is not directly up. Do you think this would minimize the chance of dust or other "stuff" contaminating the finish? The only downside I can think of is that this might increase the chance of drips and runs. Any thoughts?



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RE: Dust control



I saw the same thing when varnishing my wood ducks.

I a perfecr world there would be an easy way to support the boats so you could varnish the "down" side of the boat!



RE: Dust control

Easy, get 2 x 2x4, one longer then the rear hack, one longer than the cockpit.  put them in and tie a srtring to them and hang your boat for varnishing the under side, rig up a quick pedistal stand that reaches up into the cockpit and holder her up-side done with the deck clear. 

I used the hang method for my SOF frame, worked awesome.  For my WD12, I just varnished her on the work horses and accepted her [beautiful] inperfections ;)

RE: Dust control

i designed a kayak rotisserie out of my Guillemot Expedition kayak stands so i can freely rotate and sand/finish the boat on all sides at once. you could do the deck and flip it upside down and it would be relatively dust free



RE: Dust control

Billy, THAT is too cool!  And the boat is beautiful, too.

RE: Dust control

another trick to help keep dust down is to wet down the floor so you aren't stirring it up walking around. The less that gets in the air the less that can settle on the horizontal surfaces.



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