The Question:
I think the new lug rig for the Passagemaker has reefing points, what about the original gunter rig? Can the PM be reefed? Can two sets of reef points be employed?

The Background:
Was lucky enough to spend some time on Calabogie Lake, Ontario twice this summer. I have been there in the past with my 14' West Wight Potter (Gunter rig) and later with my Precision 18. Currently I am boatless but stared at the lake and promised myself to be sailing by 7/4/11, preferably with a CLC Craft. I have the plans and some ply for the Skerry but am seriously considering the PassageMaker Kit.

The whole Labor Day weekend though the Lake was pretty angry. It is not a huge lake but does get whitecaps on it on a regular basis. That alone does not intimidate me but I sail with the adage that it is best to reef before you think you have to. That is the origin of my question.

Thanks in advance.


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RE: Reefing

I am just finishing my PMD kit -- hope to launch in  a couple of weeks. I ordered one set of reef points in my sail (from CLC), for which they charged an extra $55.  Well worth it for those blustery days. :-)

The sail arrived with reef lines already knotted into the points -- bonus! I'll let you know how it all works once I've had a chance to use it.

RE: Reefing

Thanks drpaddle. Are you using the standard rig or lug rig?


RE: Reefing

Sorry, forgot to say it: standard rig. I'm pretty excited to be finishing the build.

However, if it matters, I would have chosen the lug rig had it been available when I ordered the kit a year ago.

I would be willing to give up a small amount of windward performance for the handling convenience and easier rigging of the lug rig. Also, the standard rig's aluminum mast does detract slightly from the otherwise traditional look of the boat. Finally, the aluminum masts have failed in at least three PMDs -- in severe conditions, yes, but severe conditions happen. I think preventive measures can reduce this threat, but ...

That said, if overall performance is important, the gunter - sloop rig should be slightly better. I plan to replace my aluminum mast with a birdsmouth or carbon fiber mast over the winter -- and use those preventive measures -- and then it will be a non-issue.

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