Glueing jigs for strip planking

Does anyone know if you can buy the "U" shaped jigs used to slip over the plank edge and then clamp it to the forms instead of glueing or stapeling the planks to the forms? Thanks

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RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking

I just made my own. I made 36 of them in less than an hour. They work great.

RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking


What size did you make them and with how big an opening. I just didn't want to take the time to make them if I could help it. I don't have a table saw either, so I will have to cut them with a skil saw.



RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking

I cut more than enough in just a few minutes with a saber saw. First, drill 1/4" holes about 1-1/2" apart in a scrap of 4mm plywood, then cut the pieces about 1"1/2" square, with the holes in the middle. Then cut slots to the holes and shorten one of the legs to about 1/2". The short leg goes on the inside when you clamp them to the forms. -Wes

RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking


Thanks for the sizes, that will help.

RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking

The only thing I would add to The previous post is that if you cut the slots to the drilled holes first, then you have bigger pieces to hold onto for that part.  Then just cut the clamps apart.

Last tip..  If you haven't done so yet watch all the videos on the shop tips pages for strip built.  They will save you lots of time and wondering.

I sure whish I had.




RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking


I did use a table saw to cut the squares out. And then I cut out the slots with a jig saw.  I made the slots 1/4 " wide X 5/8 " deep. The squares are an inch and a quarter.

You do not need a table saw.  Be carefull with a skill saw. A saber saw or jig saw works great.


RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking

Thanks for all the info. guys. This is my first attempt at this. Will be asking for more as time goes on I'm sure.


RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking

I have this guy named Murphy lives next to me, he is the most ??? pain in the butt person to have follow you around your whole life.

My question is the jigs made of plywood; the boat is made of wood; using wood glue for the strips, has anyone not had problems with the squize out glue sticking to the jigs, my luck would be both inside and out.

I have watched all of the building tip vids and haven't seen any of this addressed. Am I worried about Murphy for nothing, Are you coating the jigs in candle wax. I dont see any tape inside the "U".

Thou it would be nice for the rest of the world if the Murphy family was indeed very small and he only lived next to me. My fear is the family is extreamly large and I am wondering how to deal with this.

RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking

You can keep Murphy in his own dirt and weed choked yard working on that rusty old car he has up on blocks in the front of his unpainted house by remembering that the strips are 3/4" at least and the slot is only 5/8" deep and you're not using too much glue and your wiping up after each strip etc. etc. etc.    SEEYA Jack

RE: Glueing jigs for strip planking

I used a bunch of the clip thingies on the latest boat, cut with the band saw from 4m okoume scraps. After letting the glue set for a 1/2 hr to an hour I removed them ( along with the tape I also used). They would stick a little in spots, but no biggy.


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