Checking in from North Florida

  Hello all,

  Been lurking for a while and thought it time to introduce myself. My girlfriend and I are starting Wood Duck Hybrid builds. We plan to build the 10' for her first then the 12' for myself, we are building from plans and the Okoume arrives this Thursday. I have limited experience in boat building (18' Simmons Sea Skiff) and no experience with stitch and glue or strip construction so it's a safe bet you'll be seeing some questions from me.

  I would like to comment on the friendly and helpful atmosphere here, good folks helping each other and getting along. This forum was a major factor in deciding which boat to build. 

  Look forward to working with you, Bob. 

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RE: Checking in from North Florida

Welcome Bob.

I built a WD12 hybrid last summer and love it. I know that you will too.

Take a look at my blog.   Maybe it will help with any qustions you may have about the building prosses.

Good luck,  Have  Fun.  And keep us all posted with progress and photos !!!


RE: Checking in from North Florida


Good luck, have fun and post often.  This Forum and CLC tech support have been a great help for me, a first time builder of a Wood Duck Hybrid 12  kit.

Lou is a great resource, I visited him in November and he builds a beautiful yak and and I will trust his recommendations and answers to my questions.

Laszlo's info has also been very helpful

I was going to wait until Spring to start my kit but decided to work around the cold Michigan winter and the holidays and am ready to put away the Christmas decorations and start the cedar strip deck this week when the outside air gets to 40 degrees and my garage with lights and heat get to 65 degrees.

I also have a blog at

Welcome to the Wood Duck family



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