Wood duck 10 glass bottom ?

I'm building the WD10, but am looking to put a plexi or lexan bottom in it for a viewing window (the kayak is for the kids who paddle around the shoreline looking at the bottom), approx the same size as the hatch, maybe 25% larger or so.

I was going to match some 4mm polycarbonate (same thickness as the boat) then heat & slump it to fit the shape. From there I can cut a hole(slightly smaller) and seal them together with epoxy/fastners.

Does anyone have any experience in doing this they can share some tips on? Specifically any pictures to get any suggestions on the best way to mount or where to place it?






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RE: Wood duck 10 glass bottom ?


Have you seen the Glass-Bottomed Mill Creek Shop Tip yet? If not, it might give you a few ideas. Sounds like a fun mod.


RE: Wood duck 10 glass bottom ?

Yes, saw that (after I worked out my design, so good to know I was on track).

 But there is some talk online of tips for how to epoxy the window in against the wood. Also, there is no substitue for getting tips or a picture from someone that has done it...

 I think when this build is done I will post my 'lessons learned' that I found out myself + got from other builders posts.... the manual for the WD really doesn't seem to cover it all very well.

 As for other mods the kids have also requested walkie talkie holders and doll seats.  I'll stick with the window for now.

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