Question for Paul G


Since you row a MC 16.5, I wonder if you could give me your opinion of these fixed length sculls:

They are 289cm and have what I believe is a hatchet blade.  The price is excellent if they will work with the rowing unit.

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RE: Question for Paul G


These appear to be exactly what CLC sells (except they sell with macon blades).  I row with the same oars (including macon blades).  The size is just right with the Piantedosi rowing rig.  These oars weigh about 2# each so they are really easy to handle.  Can't speak to the hatchet blades as I have never rowed with them.

If you look thru the picture gallery for the MC 16.5 in the CLC on-line catelog, you will find several pictures of my boat.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


RE: Question for Paul G

Thanks Paul

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