Annapolis Wherry Transom

I'm finally building my Wherry.  The hull is stitched, the stem is stitched and looks as though the strakes line-up pretty nicely at the bow.  At the stern, however, the strakes are not all the same length (varying by 10mm at the most in the # 1 strakes).  How do I set out the transom if I'm not referencing off the end of the strakes (which would be possible if they were all flush)?  This seems to be a particularly awkward part of the build (well, I have only just started).  Without an obvious reference point, how do I  guarantee the angle of the transom is correct?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks

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RE: Annapolis Wherry Transom

Don't worry about lining up the transom with the end of the strakes.  Just set it slightly inside the strakes and wrap them where the strakes feel like they line up the best.  Any small overhang off the back can be trimmed off with a pull-saw after the epoxy has cured.  The angle doesn't have to be perfect as long as it looks pleasing to the eye.  A helper is almost mandatory as you will be twisting the wood.

RE: Annapolis Wherry Transom

Use a metal tape (or one that won't stretch) to measure from the bow to each upper corner of the transom.  Adjust the transom until the measurements are the same.  Pull the same tension on the tape measure as you measure each side.  Look at the down-ward dip in the middle of the measuring tape.  The dip should be about the same (same tension) when measuring each side.  If the strakes still extend more on one side of the transom than the other when the transom is perpendicular to the centerline, then the side with the longer overhang does not curve out from the center as much as the shorter side.  If the overhang is a lot or you are a perfectionist, you can loosen the stitches and adjust until you're happy.  Good luck.

RE: Annapolis Wherry Transom

Thanks for the advice.  I'm amazed by the immediacy of the responses and grateful.  I'm building in Australia, but feel as though there's a huge group of fellow builders round the corner eager to help and forthcoming with assistance.  Cheers.  Incidentally, somehow I've positioned my bow seat support 1" closer to the bow than stated (probably a mental mistake in converting from inches to mm).  Surely this is inconsequential?

RE: Annapolis Wherry Transom

"... inconsequential?"  Most likely.  If John Harris inspects your Wherry, he'll notice.  But he won't kick you in the shins.  However, you should think of a good technical reason for why you modified your hull.  Something like you wanted a bit more room to stow your emergency paddle flat on the bottom strakes. :)   Good luck with the rest of your build.

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