Wherry Bulkheads

I'm having trouble fitting my bulkheads.  Measuring from the bow to the centre of the bukhead seems easy enough, and setting it 90 degrees to the #1 strakes is fine, but should it be 90 degrees to every strake all the way to the gunwhale?  I presume this is so, but I wonder whether I'm making this overly complicated?  In addition, the # 1 strakes want to pull apart (I haven't glued them and am simply dry-fitting the bulkheads) when I fix the bulkheads securely with stitches.  Any tips?  Thanks

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RE: Wherry Bulkheads

Level your hull fore-n-aft and side to side.  The bulkheads should be vertical and perpendicular to the centerline unless the plans say otherwise.  Have a good weekend.

RE: Wherry Bulkheads

Thanks for the help. 

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