Wherry Glassing

My instructions clearly say to remove the bulkheads and frames before glassing the inside of the hull, but in the construction gallery on the CLC website, the hull is glassed with all four in place.  I'd prefer to leave them in, but is one method preferable? 

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RE: Wherry Glassing

Perhaps the instructions have changed but when I built mine, the manual shows the frames filleted in place before glassing between them.

RE: Wherry Glassing

Thanks.  The photos on the website look fairly recent; it's probably my instruction manual that's old - it's a photocopy of what I am guessing is the CLC manual (I bought my kit from a company here in Australia who are licensed to sell CLC designs).  My manual might be an older version.  Having fitted the bulkheads once, I'd rather leave them in than remove them and have to fit them once again.

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