WD10 bulkhead seems low

Hello all,

  We are having a lot of fun with the Wood Duck 10 build. We have worked around the weather and gotten a tad off the plans. Currently we're stripping and the hull is not glassed yet, or is the sheer finished. We decided on White Oak sheers and they're a little fussy.

  Only question so far is the main bulkhead. It appears that in order for the rear deck to look proper we will have to apply a fillet of about 5/8" between the strips and the top of the bulkhead. Not a big deal but just one of those things that bugs ya. Anyone else run into this?

  Here's a link to build album: Well the link button doesn't seem to work, you may have to copy/paste. Sorry. http://s204.photobucket.com/albums/bb63/bobdsimmons/Kayak%20Builds/

  Thanks for any input.

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RE: WD10 bulkhead seems low

I had the same problem with my Wood Duck 10 hybrid,  Except in a few spots the gap was even wider.

I cut pieces from unneeded hull forms, shaped them and epoxied to top of bulkhead.  Any small gaps left over were filled with wood flour/epoxy putty.

 It was a royal pain, but once modified, no leaks.

Good luck.


RE: WD10 bulkhead seems low

 Thanks Rich,

  Glad to hear it's not something that's going to bite me later. Guess I should've mentioned it's a hybrid.

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