northeaster dory ce & weight

hello to all. looking for some info before i order this boat. i wonder what the lug rig does to the ce? also does anybodie know the weight fully rigged?

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RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

also the db trunk looks unnervingly delicate where it mounts to the floor? has anybody had trouble with this? anybody add a cb mod?

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

Hello North,

John Harris will help you with the Lug Rig. The placement of the partner in relation to the foot sets the ce right over the db (see pic below). She's all packed up for the winter or I would weigh it for you, but I would think the Lug Rig to be slightly lighter. It has an extra spar (the yard) but the mast is shorter, 6 sf less sail area, no shrouds or stays, less hardware and less running rigging.

The whole boat looked delicate when I was building it, but I put it through hell last year and it held tough. I have had no problem with the trunk. I remember some time ago some body was thinking about a cb, I don't know if they ever actually did it.


RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

I'm working on a NE Dory with a cb and it's working out well. SEEYA Jack

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

Hello Neil,

      Nice  looking boat neil, thanks for the pic. Does she beat to windward well [45 degrees+] ? Hows the helm? The in-wales look different than the web site pics?  Your mod?   Well thanks for the info in your reply.      



RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

Cool Jack.

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

The Lug Rig is less efficient, but not by much. Internet sources use #'s like 90-95% as efficient as a Marconi Rig.

The helm is manageable at all points of sail, although the yoke-and-draglink tiller arrangement takes a little getting used to. I grew to like and actually prefer it on a small boat.

I stole the Lug Rig & inwale ideas from Jim Kozel's "Cindy Lu". Here is the You Tube link that inspired me:

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight


 Try this link instead:

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

Excelent! Thanks for the link, Im not looking for a racer [simple works for me]. The dory ,for me, looks like the way to go. How did you find the service from clc [as im a long way out]? would you go with clc again? I guess thats the question.

Thanks again your in-put has been very helpfull.

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

I attended a Dory Class at CLC's shop in Annapolis. There was six of us and the staff knocked themselves out to make us happy (no small task!).

I had prompt courteous support for the entire 2.5 months it took me to finish her at home and this forum saved my azz few times also. The whole experience was awsome. So yes, I would and probably will go with CLC again.

Good Luck North! 

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

Good to hear!

Thanks again Neil.

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

Good evening, North.  Last July, I went to a CLC demo in Sacramento and rowed the Northeast.  I'm 61 and have been rowing all types of small craft, including dories, since I was 5 years old.  I was GREATLY impressed with the NE Dory.  I live aboard a 43' older power boat so I don't have the room for a boat the size of the NE.  But if I did, I'd build one NOW!!!!  Instead, I purchased a Wood Duck-12.  Had problems with the resin hardener but I give CLC FIVE HUGE STARS and WILL buy another kit in the future.  Go for it !!!!!


~BRUCE~ in California 

RE: northeaster dory ce & weight

Greetings Tugbruce. Everything about the NE Dory looks good, I especially like the reported weight of the Dory, However shipping the epoxy up here this time of year is sketchy. I think it's best to hold off till spring at least, than no worries! Thanks for the thumbs up though, it is a nice looking boat!

Chow --- North.


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