Millcreek 15

Does anyone know why the Millcreek 15 isn't offered anymore?  I have it in my manual but am wondering why you cant get the plans?  Does it use the same amount as the 13 as far as sheets of plywood, 3-4mm, 1-6mm?

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RE: Millcreek 15

Hi Doug

I think CLC dropped the Millcreek 15 because it didn't sell as well as the 13 and 16.5.  Same with the Sassafras 14.  They felt that demand could be covered by the other two models.

I got into kayaking by building a 15 in 2002, after retiring.  I wanted a kayak that was comfortable and I could get in and out easily. I've been paddling it since and I ended up building a second one.

The boat is a strech version of the 13 with about the same beam and cockpit size. 4mm plywood panels and deck, and a 6mm bottom board.  The flat bottom design makes the construction easy and performs well on the water.  The boat is easy to cartop and looks great.

I belive you could build the boat with 4 sheets of ply.  There's a good chance that plans and layout may be found in one of Chris Kulczycki's kayak books (The Kayak Shop or The New Kayak Shop).

If you are interested in purchase of a Millcreek 15, check out the CLC Bazaar.


RE: Millcreek 15

Building plans, by the designer of many of CLC's early boats, Chris Kulczycki, can be found in his book "Stitch and Glue Boatbuilding." They aren't full sized, but one can easily build a MC15 from them. There are plans for a number of other CLC boats in the book, too - including the MC13 and 16.5.

Chris wrote that the 15 is "considerably less stable" than its siblings, and I believe I read somewhere (but certainly don't claim to know for sure) that this was a big reason it is no longer offered by CLC. Economics surely must have played a part, as said before.

The book showed the same bill of materials for both the MC13 and the MC15.

RE: Millcreek 15

I am very tall and built the Mill Creek 13 and it is very generous in space, tracks well and I am very happy with it.   Would not have built the 15 even if they had one.   This size is really handy to take places and even at 6 foot 7 I fit great and it is really comfortable.   I did build the wooden seat for it and suffered through it for a few years before buying a nice comfortable seat which was well worth the money.

 Try out the 13 - you may like it!

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