Sanding Fillets

I'm quite satisfied with my fillets between the bulkheads and hull of my wherry, but there will be some unsightly spots when I remove the wires.  Any expereince or advice in shaping these fillets?  I realize sanding epoxy is always arduous and tedious, but is this particular step what everyone goes through in order to achieve an attractive and consistent fillet?  Thanks.

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RE: Sanding Fillets

60 grit sandpaper wrapped around a dowel, a piece of foam or a stiff cardboard tube is a good way to go manually. If you're very careful, a Dremel or equivalent power tool with a 60 or 80 grit sanding attachment will cut through fillet bumps like a hoit knife through butter, but it's real easy to slip and damage the wood and it flings dust everywhere.

Another manual option are the riffler rasps sold by CLC. I have a set and have used them on epoxy and wood, very nice. I find it best to wrap a piece of cloth around the side in my hand to avoid rasping my skin off.

Finally,  for the future, next time don't fillet over the wires. Just tack the bulkhead in place with a few smears of putty, remove the wires when the smears cure and then apply the fillets, burying the smears. (Crazy glue also works for tacking parts that are not under much stress). If you immediately brush the fresh wet fillets with unthickened epoxy, they'll end up smooth as glass, no sanding needed at all.

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RE: Sanding Fillets

Great idea about fixing the bulkheads in place with putty or by some other temporary means.  I should have sought this advice before fitting all the bulkheads, but, as you say, next time I'll know.  Thanks again, Laszlo


RE: Sanding Fillets

Everyone before your first build, should take the time and read as many posts on the forum as possible. there is a mountain of information, tricks and some great stories.   everyone has an opinion and alot of times it just comes down to the school of experience.  most important is though to have fun and enjoy your project.

RE: Sanding Fillets

Model T,

Excellent point. I did that before and while building my Dory (1st build). You're absolutely right. The Manual was good but not 100%.


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