WD10 Splash

  Hey Folks,

  Not quite finished yet, but we had to get it wet. The boat is everything we have heard about it. Stable, easy to paddle, light and well, a beautiful thing. Trials went as expected- perfectly. 

  Thanks for all the help and advice, now it's time for mine- the 12'er.

  Bob and Robin.

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RE: WD10 Splash

Congrats!  I have been following your photo album of your build online.  Looks great! 

RE: WD10 Splash

Wow that is a very good looking boat I am a new boat builder I was wondering how difficult it is to make something like that and how long does it take.

RE: WD10 Splash

Great looking kayak.  If you have half the fun with it as I have had with mine, you will love it. 

Good luck with it and your next build !!!


WD12 hybrid

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