Is Kevlar tape for keel strip overkill?

Has anyone ever used Kevlar tape as a full-length keel strip? I'm about to finish the bottom of my already-glassed Wood Duck 12 (weave not yet filled on the bottom), and I am considering a length of 3" Kevlar along the center line for additional protection. Is that overkill? Alternatively, what about FG tape set in epoxy? In either case, I'd finish out with a carbon-epoxy mix on the bottom panels. I'm thinking it might be easier to feather-in the edges of FG tape than Kevlar, and that would be protective enough with the carbon mix covering it. I had already planned to use Dynel rub strips at the bow and stern. Any words of advice? Thanks. Jim

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RE: Is Kevlar tape for keel strip overkill?

Can't speak to kevlar's compatibility with epoxy, but I do think any extra keel protection is a good idea.  At 42 lbs my WD12 begs to be dragged moreso than carried by my less than muscular, past middle age physique.  It's easier to drag it up on the abrasively coated tailgate of my shortbed Ridgeline, then drag it up to the roofrack over the cab's carefully padded back edge.  Your strength and vitality may vary, and is probably greater than mine. :-)  

RE: Is Kevlar tape for keel strip overkill?

Hey Jim...  Recently, I did that very same thing.  I added a 2" strip of 6 oz. fiberglass tape down the centerline of my Wood Duck 12, from the bottom of the transom to the top of the foredeck, about 13', using un thickened epoxy.  Then, once cured, I feathered the edges and the overlaps at the stem & stern.  I then masking taped the "waterline" and coated the bottom with 8 pumps of epoxy and an equal volumn of graphite powder, using a foam roller.  I finished yesterday and it turned out perfectly!!!!

 Now I will apply 5+ coats of high grade varnish and the "other" fun starts...~BRUCE~ 


RE: Is Kevlar tape for keel strip overkill?

I've posted this before, but in prior days when we built carbon multihulls (epoxy) we used kevlar on the outside to increase puncture protection (think beach landings).   If I was worried about impact resistance, I would use kevlar over carbon always (although unfinished carbon is much more pretty since kevlar has a yellow color).

RE: Is Kevlar tape for keel strip overkill?

Thanks to all. I'll order some FG tape today.


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