Varnish Touch Up

I have enough scraps and dings in the varnish on my Oxford shell that it is now time for some touch up.  Any tips on sanding and coating small areas to touch up the varnish?  Thanks.

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RE: Varnish Touch Up

Hey BH...  I have found that, to keep the exposed surfaces from looking splotchy due to "different' patinas, you might need to strip all areas and start over.  Either way, once you refinish the shell, put some of the same varnish in a SMALL glass baby food jar and store it in a cool shaded place.  

 During usage, if you know of brightwork areas that get "damaged" that day, with your finger, dab on a "coat" of varnish over the nick or scrape.  It won't look smooth BUT it won't darken either and when you go to give the shell another coating, a light sanding is all you will need.  Best of luck... ~BRUCE~ 

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