Wherry Owners and fixed seat rowing

Hello everyone,  I am the new owner of a used CLC Annaplois Wherry (single).   I was wondering if any other owners could contact me about fixed seat rowing of the Wherry.  I know CLC does not recommend it for anyone over 5 4.  However I am 5 8 but only 155lbs.  I was wondering what has been the experiance of other owners, what you may have done to modify/improve the boat for fixed seat rowing (such as a foot brace) or any other thoughts, suggestions.


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RE: Wherry Owners and fixed seat rowing

And placeing the response where it should be...

We have a wherry and it definately needs foot braces for fixed seat rowing.  I built it for my wife, 5'1", and it was comical to watch her try to row without footbraces.  I'm 5'10" and, while I believe I'm more graceful,  it isn't easy for me, either.  We now use the boat with a row wing but I'll be installing some sort of adjustable foot brace, to accomodate both of us, for occasional fixed seat use.

RE: Wherry Owners and fixed seat rowing

Thank you Jack for the reply,    Any other thoughts experiance on fixed seat rowing?

I was thinking of just two piecies of small square stock between the two seats along the bottom of the boat.  These two piecies of wood would be a snug fit, then attached on the ends to the actual seat base.  And last a athwartship piecie of wood installed for the actual foot brace.  Any thoughts?

 Thanks again for the reply


RE: Wherry Owners and fixed seat rowing

You might consider rowing with your spouse for a while to try different foot-brace locations.  Don't worry about hull trim.  Put strips of masking tape fore-n-aft on the hull where your feet might be comfortable while rowing.  Take along a few strips of wood similar to what you might think to use for braces.  Use your feet, or your feet holding a stick(s), to brace your spouse's feet while they row.  Mark a few comfortable places on the masking tape.  Then swap places and make marks for your comfortable brace location(s).  See if you both can handle the straight across brace.  Also try to test brace angles that aren't perpendicular to the centerline.  And mark where your feet are athwartship when you both are in comfortable positions.  Try this for more than a few minutes and multiple times to see how repeatable the comfortable locations are as you tire.

Decide if you want something removable or permanent, single or multiple locations, and straight across or angled, like the fletching on arrows.  Lots of solutions possible.  For example, for angled and removable braces, use a piece of 1/4" marine ply with blocks for foot braces epoxied and screwed at the appropriate locations and angles.  If your comfort positions are very dissimilar, make the ply so you can turn it end for end to accomodate both of you.  Good luck and happy rowing.

RE: Wherry Owners and fixed seat rowing

Excellent ideas,  Thank you for the replies,   Still open to any ideas, experiances, thoughts on fixed seat rowing.  

Took mine across the lake yesterday, about a 1 1/2 mile row, in rather choppy conditons.  I could see how a sliding seat would not work well in such choppy conditons.  Found out that I will need foot braces for sure, my rear end was all over the seat.  I was using a pair of 7 foot oars, leathered, but not buttoned.  Seemed a good length.

Again thanks for the replies, and anyone, please feel free to chime in,  I am thinking more builders have built/used the Wherry for fixed seat rowing then is often credited.



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