Varnish over carbon-epoxy bottom?

I'm nearly ready to start applying the varnish to my WD 12. I've coated the bottom with a 1-to-1 mix of epoxy and carbon powder. Varnish the bottom or not? Thanks for any opinions. Jim

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RE: Varnish over carbon-epoxy bottom?

I intend to put epoxy/carbon on the bottom of my CH17LT.  Looking at this forum and others, I have never seen anyone varnish over EC.  I have seen pictures of others and they are very shiny and slick.  I  belive varnish would have a hard time sticking. Even if it did, the bottom is gonna get scratches and dinged.  Any advantage (visually) I think, wouldn't last very long.

 I chose this bottom finish because of durability, appearance, economices and ease (I hope).

Again, I have not done it yet, but that is my game plane.


RE: Varnish over carbon-epoxy bottom?

Here is my build 



RE: Varnish over carbon-epoxy bottom?

Hello Jim.  I applied two coats of 1-to-1 graphite/epoxy to the bottom of my Wood Duck 12.  I agree that coating the bottom with varnish would be a waste BUT I did apply varnish to the coated portions of the hull sides.  It turned out well and, if I can manage to keep the deck sunnyside up, that area will not get scratched.   Good luck... ~BRUCE~

RE: Varnish over carbon-epoxy bottom?

One of the main reasons that we varnish over our glass is to provide U.V. protection as glass-epoxy has none. Graphite not only provides extra protection fron scrapes it also provide U.V. protection. As was stated adhesion can be an issue when applying varnish over graphite and it provides no benefit.

The down side is that this sequence does typically mean that more masking is neccesary.....C.Z.

RE: Varnish over carbon-epoxy bottom?

Varnish actually defeats the purpose of the graphite/epoxy mixture. The coating works by making the hull slick enough that objects slide away rather than getting a purchase and gouging the boat. Varnish gets rid of the slickness.

Sounds like it's almost hatching time for a whole bunch of Ducks.



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