Wood Duck 'trunk release'

  Hello all,

  The 10 footer is finished and we came up with a hatch securing system that worked out nicely. The stern side of the hatch has a notched piece which fits under the hatch sill and the forward end has a piece with a hole to accept a dowel which runs through the bulkhead. Very simple and no holes on the outside.  We splashed her last weekend, great boat.

  Pics here

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RE: Wood Duck 'trunk release'


You are going to love the Wood Duck.  Our's is the 12 foot hybrid and everyone that paddles it wants to get one.

Great Job, looks great, Have fun, and what will you build Next ?

Lou from Michigan

RE: Wood Duck 'trunk release'

I love the latching mechanism. Positive mechanical action with a simple construction and an easy-to-get-to control. Wish I'd thought of it. Looks like with a closed cell foam gasket it'd be pretty close to totally waterproof even in rough waves..

I did a jailbreak on a couple of your pictures to get them away from the kazillion slow loading scripts and endless dancing ads.

Welcome to the fleet!


RE: Wood Duck 'trunk release'

  Thanks Lazlo.  had a hard time s trying to size them properly this morning, really appreciate the help.  Lou the 10'er is Robin's boat-the next build on the list is a 12'er for me. Sure was hard standing on the hill and watching her paddle off into the distance last weekend!

  Oh yeah, we're going to put the foam on the hatch sill around the spacer. Thanks again!

RE: Wood Duck 'trunk release'


Great inovative thinking. I am just a little behind you with my W.D. Hybrid and the whole closed cell foam, invisible bungie hold -down system etc-etc. has been on my mind lately. Simple solutions are always the best solutions congradulations.

I have a couple of practicle question that poped into my head when viewing your invention.

What type of seat-specifically back rest do you have in your duck? Does your set-up allow quick access to the trunk release knob and does the nob ever jab you in the back? Thanks for sharing...CZ

RE: Wood Duck 'trunk release'

 Thanks CZ,

 The seat and back rest will be a homemade foam system. Robin has the seat cut to fit the hull and the backrest is still in planning. The knob for the hatch release fits flush to the inside of the coaming so I don't forsee any isues with comfort.

 I had to epoxy an 'extension' to the top of the bulkhead to attach  it to the deck, When I did that I wedged a piece of scrap stock between the top of the bulkhead and the inside of forward coaming to force a curve into the bulkhead that would allow the flush finish. Looks nicer too. I suppose if the there wasn't enough room to allow a knob the same could be accomplished with a small disc of scrap 4mm and a piece of web behind it. 

 In the pics I have pulled the thing out more than necessary to show the dowel, it only requires about an inch of travel to open the hatch. 

 I'm glad to have something to contribute here, this is a great forum, we have learned a lot!

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