Creature Comfort Seat Install - Mill Creek 16.5

I don't have a problem with the slat seats but my wife wanted a little extra comfort on long days of fishing. Not wanting to abandon the beautiful wood slat seats I finally came up with an idea to have the best of both worlds. What follows is an easy modification to the Creature Comfort seat. It allows you to use the wooden seat or the Creature Comfort seat without any changes to the kayak. Quick release buckles were used for mounting instead of the supplied cam cleat.


Layout of the vinyl fabric reinforcement strips and glued using HH-66 vinyl cement.



Slots for the seat rails were cut in the Minicell foam with a Dremel tool.


Mesh bottom and reinforcement fabric cut with a knife for the seat rails.


When installing the Velcro next to the rails leave a gap for the wooden seat side frames.


A  set of quick release buckles were use to allow ease of removal for transportation and adjustments.


Beauty and the Beast...




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