Wherry Breasthook

I know this sounds pedantic, but are there any wherry builders out there who will measure their (installed) breasthook for me?  It's difficult to compare accurately with photos from the CLC website, but it does appear that I'll have to dress my breasthook blank to a much greater extent than others.  I realize every boat will vary slightly, but there won't be much breasthook left by the time I've fitted in the bow, and the ones in the photos seem so much bigger - the angle at my bow seems much more acute than in photos I've seen.  Thanks,


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RE: Wherry Breasthook


Picturing the breasthook as a triangle: 10.5" (sides) x 5.5" (base).  If my memory serves me correctly, I don't think I had to trim it down at all.

RE: Wherry Breasthook

Thanks for the reply.  I'm in Australia and have bought my kit from a company licensed to sell CLC designs, so dimensions may vary slightly.  Your numbers aren't possible with the piece that's been supplied to me so I'll cut my own.  I thought that my breasthook looked too small - made me feel emasculated - ha ha.  Thanks once again.

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