WD 12H - Stripping Forms slipping

In attaching the first few strips along the outside of the deck I'm having the dickens of a time keeping the forms in place, particularly those near the bow and stern.  As I place brads or staples, the hot glue holding the forms loosens and they slip down from the pressure.  To try to fix it, I've hot glued some wood pieces under the forms and hope they will hold.

Does anyone have a better method?

Thanks in advance!


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RE: WD 12H - Stripping Forms slipping

I had the same problem with my WD10 hybrid.  Since I was new to hot glue use, I didn't realize there were different types of glue.  At first I used craft glue which was a disaster.

When I switched to a good glue specifically meant for wood, the forms held much better.  I also (as you did)) found that mini wood wedges helped the forms stay in place.

I also had to soak the strips, especially at the bow and stern.  I filled a capped PVC pipe with hot water and soaked the strips for an hour.  Afterwards, they were quite pliable and put much less strain on the forms.

 Good luck.


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