schooner vs schooner gold

I have a stripped kayak and just purchased schooner gold varnish because store didn't have schooner, any experience, comments, etc would be appreciated


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RE: schooner vs schooner gold

I 've not used the gold but I've seen it on and it looks good. I think it builds up faster than schooner. Probably need to thin the first coat a lot. SEEYA Jack

RE: schooner vs schooner gold

There are lot's of posts in the forum regarding Schooner Gold so I suggest a search to get all the detail.  In summary though, Schooner Gold is thicker than regular Schooner and requires extra attention to thinning prior to applying it.  The end result is very good but it can be quite challenging to apply.  Get yourself some 333 thinner and some Penatrol (a flow agent) and then determine the right mix of those elements to make application right for you.


RE: schooner vs schooner gold

I used the Gold. Defintely requires thinning. I thinned the first coat 50/50, the second 75/25, and the third about 85/15, with 333 thinner. I applied with a low-nap "lintless" roller, and went over each coat with a foam brush, to break bubbles. I found it difficult to apply without thinning first. You may find that this stuff, thinned 75/25, will be similar in viscosity to some other brands before thinning.

Another tip. If the "final" coat needs a little repair, saturate  a small rag with the 333 thinner, add a few drops of varnish, straight from the can, and wipe the surface briskly.

RE: schooner vs schooner gold

I second the notion of applying with a thin nap roller and then tipping from dry to wet with a foam brush.  I beleive that will give you the best possible finish.

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