Kayak sail

Hello all.  I built a Wood Duck 12 and am now thinking about buying a Windpaddle rig for it.  Have any of you rigged up a sail.  I have internel blocking installed for a rudder but haven't installed a rudder. Is a rudder necessary????     Comments please...


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RE: Kayak sail

Oh, YES, I have read the blurb on CLC's site, but wanted some comments from "regular" users...   ~BRUCE~

RE: Kayak sail

if you do not care where the wind blows you then you can get by without a rudder, however you really need a rudder to help you steer when using a sail, a skeg will keep you from slidding sideways in crosswinds. 

RE: Kayak sail

I have CH16 with a rudder and a Wind Paddle.  I can't imagine using the WP without the rudder.

RE: Kayak sail

Thank you for your info.  I'm not sure I want to go to the trouble of cutting holes & installing a rudder system on DAFFY DUCK, my WD-12.  I might just wait until I complete my next build.   Thanks again...   ~BRUCE~

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