Rapid Pulse Backband

I've just about completed my first build, a WD12 Hybrid.  I seem to have misplaced (lost) the webbing and bungie cord for the Rapid Pulse Backband.  Can anyone give the the legnth of webbing and bungie cord included with the Rapid Pulse Backband?

Thanks, Mike

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RE: Rapid Pulse Backband

Good thing to lose.  I threw mine away.


RE: Rapid Pulse Backband

After launching my CH17LT this past weekend, I too intend to "lose" my rapid pulse back band.  I will replace it with mini cell foam.  

RE: Rapid Pulse Backband

My wife and I happen to like ours. They provide just the right lumbar support for us. I would suggest fiddling with the adjustments before you toss them out.


RE: Rapid Pulse Backband

Adjust adjust adjust.  Constant adjusting.  Last thing you want to do out on the water is mess with an ill fitting backband.  I replaced mine with one of those foam blocks used for roof hauling.  Works great.  Feels great.  No adjusting.  I won't even give those RPBs away.  I really hated it. 

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