Strip material around Richmond, Va.?

  Hey Y'all,

  We're almost to the deck stripping stage of our second WD, both from plans. On the first we ripped material we found locally for the deck, Mahogany, Cedar and White Oak. I'm a little disappointedin the cedar available in my area, it's hard to find anything with some red in it - all brown w/ some off white mixed in. I haven't found a source for Western Red Cedar here. (Jacksonville, Fl.)

  I'l be traveling to Richmond for a job shortly and am thinking it may be worth putting the build on hold and picking up some Western Red while I'm up there. Does anybody here have any info about what's availabl/where?

  Also- There is some Spanish Cedar here but I have heard negative comments about the oil content and have reservations about using it. Anyone with experience using it for strips?

  Thanks for your time, Bob.

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RE: Strip material around Richmond, Va.?

Bob, this place isn't far off the interstate. A little south of Richmond.

RE: Strip material around Richmond, Va.?

Siewers Lumber, 804-358-2103.  1901 Ellen Rd. Richmond Va. 23230.

Their material is the best- up to 18' & clear and you will pay for it. Talk nice to them & they will let you pick/select your own boards. Not open on Saturdays.

They also may have some exotic options.



RE: Strip material around Richmond, Va.?

Yukon Lumber is here in Norfolk and that's about a 2hr ride depending on where you are in Richmond. And they don't sell WRC without ordering. They usually handle hardwood, though they are very good and I buy from them often.

I got mine from Waterfront Lumber in Newport News and that's about 1.5 hours from Richmond. They had plenty of WRC and in very good shape.  No matter where you go you have to ask for clear cedar. Anything less and you run the risk of get anywhere from 3 to 30 knots per 8ft 2x4. The ratings are subjective. The money you save from not buying clear is not worth the hassle of pluggin knots, irregular bends and loss of material. With good material, usually you buy 10% more than you need.  With knotty, I'd go with 30% more. Unless you have another project that can use the knotty wood, you're always taking a chance.


RE: Strip material around Richmond, Va.?


 We sell only clear WRC and AYC and ship it all over the US via UPS. The rates are quite resonable for shipping. We just recieved a shipment and could easily find the shade you are looking for. Give ma a call and I'll work up a quote for you.

 Spanish Cedar will work fine for strips. The entire center portion of the Petrel here is built with a curly grained Spanish Cedar. It does not have the same bending properties and WRC or AYC and is a little heavier. We have run it through the strip machine and it makes beautiful strips, just not as flexible.

RE: Strip material around Richmond, Va.?

Great suggestion on material and Richard, Va and I am very happy to read this post.

RE: Strip material around Richmond, Va.?

A 2-hr drive from Richmond puts you within spitting distance of the CLC showroom. You'd get to meet all the fine folks, see the shop with John's proa "Madness" in it, maybe even get a look at the woodshop and the CLC machines, see all the demo boats and prototypes and pick up any number of goodies with no shipping charges (not just wood).



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