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I am working on a Great Auk 17. I just finished stripping the hull yesterday, and am fairly happy with the results on my first build. I know that nobody can get real specific, but, I'm looking for general opinions on which part of the building process takes the most percentage of time, i.e. stripping the hull, stripping the deck, the glassing process, ect. I have about 82 hours with strongback build, to closing in the hull. I'm retired and have free time. I hope to have it on the water by the end of summer. If I just completed the part that takes the least amount of time, then I don't think it will hit the water this year. Thanks

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RE: Building Time

Duuane, I have built both the 14 and 17 foot Auk. Laying the strips along with the planing and sanding was by far the most enjoyable portion of the build. The most time consuming portion of the build for me was from the original layer of glass thru the final coat and sanding out of the epoxy. After that it took a week to varnish and out fitting a single evening. You can not fill and sand enough during the glass and epoxy stage, any blemish will show once you add your first coat. This is of course fixable. But you have to ask your self at this stage ... Work of art or kayak you will be dragging accross the beach in a week or two. My total build time was slightly under 200 hours for the 17 Hope that helped.


RE: Building Time

It did help, thank you. I know everybody's pace is somewhat different, but I figured the most time consuming area for one person, may just be the most time consuming area for others. I will keep working at MY pace, and when I'm done...I'm done. So far I have found that I'm too fussy to be satisfied, but not sure I'm good enough to be too fussy.  Thanks again!!

RE: Building Time

"Work of art or kayak you will be dragging accross the beach in a week or two."

Hagen brings up an excellent point, but even though I knew it was going to get scratched, I felt like I had to do the best job I possibly could. Was it pride of workmanship, or just being anal or stupid? I'm not sure, but I'm glad I did it! I also didn't keep track of my time. Some things you're better off not knowing!

RE: Building Time

You're right, I will continue to do the best I can, and one nice part is the self taught class on how to do it better as I go along. I will keep track of time on this one, but don't think I will on my next one.....Not even half done with this one, and already know that I want to do another one.  

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