Brisbane Marine ply

G'Day All,
Can anybody in Brisbane point me in the direction of some marine ply in Bris?
plyandpanel at Darra couldn't help
Boatcraft pacific in Logan have it at $55-60 per sheet.

Any other sources out there cheaper than Boatcraft?

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RE: Brisbane Marine ply

I was going to suggest boatcraft.

You missed out on a great special about 2 months ago - they had all their ply at 50% off!


RE: Brisbane Marine ply

Gidday Craig.

I bought my ply from anther company than Boat Craft at Logan.  But I did buy my deck ply from them and my epoxy resin and my stringers (which I think were oak).  I built my Chesapeake 17 some ten years ago and therefore cannot recall where I bought my ply from.  The problem with the cheap ply I bought was that it did not have even core compared to the two veneer layers of ply.  I probably did not do a good scarf join because one of the bulkheads broke when bending into position and i had to but-join it where it broke.  I think you are really supposed to get ply with even veneers for strength and bend-a-bility.  If you bend the uneven veneers of ply for a deck (where you have to r e a l l y bend the ply) you may get cracks.  Anyway, I am really trying to sell you the ply they sell at logan even though it is dearer.  I can give you a company that sells cheap ply but I need the information from a mates father who builds Arrow catamarans for people as a retirement project.  The veneers of this ply are uneven and the feedback I get from these cats he builds is that they flex -- although you won't be doing ten to fifteen knots in a kayak and mine is strong (but I double taped the keel).  Give me a text on 0418 443 081 and I'll find out where the cheap ply is available from.

RE: Brisbane Marine ply

Thanks for replies. I was speaking to a bloke the other day and he was quoted almost $50 for seconds from Boral, so that makes the Boatcraft prices look good. i have bought from Boatcraft before and have found their products and service to be great.

I'm gearing up for a very lightweight build, so quality will be critical. off to Loganholme it is.



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