Too Much Glue! / Two way grains

While stripping my Auk 17, I didn't want to use too little glue, so I used too much, and thinking I had to work quickly with the strips, I didn't wipe off the excess glue as I went. Only doing two or three rows a night on the hull, it didn't look too bad, and the next morning when it was dry, it looked even less bad. Not wiping it off was a huge!! mistake. I'm cleaning up the  hull with a paint scraper, and a multi blade, multi sided glue scraper. Is there anything out there that is more effective??...when the right side was cleaned up, I started planing it.  I had a little problem with grain....One strip would plane very nicely, but some adjoining strips the grain went the other way, and even with a sharp plane I got digs and gouges. Is there any way to avoid this?? or do I just do the best I can, and try to clean it up with sanding? Thankfully, I took more care on the deck and wiped off all the excess glue.   TKS



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RE: Too Much Glue! / Two way grains

A sharp card scraper will do a much better job than your plane, less tearing out of opposing grain.  The trick is keeping the scraper sharp.  If you figure out an easy way to do that, let me know...

RE: Too Much Glue! / Two way grains

Scrapers with replaceable carbide blades are extremely useful tools that stay sharp for a very long time. Check your local hardware, paint, or big box store.

RE: Too Much Glue! / Two way grains

thanks for the replys..when I touched up the scraper edges it helped.I'm gaining on it.  tks

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