Minicel Foam Bulkheads

I am going to attach the deck to the hull today on my Night Heron Hybrid. For the bulkheads  I plan on using minicel foam.  I am guessing I use the kit supplied bulkheads as a pattean then more or less wedge the foam ones into place ?. I am not sure if I need to apply epoxy around the outsides or do the foam bulkheads basically seal by pressure.? Thanks.


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RE: Minicel Foam Bulkheads

I used 3" minicel on my strip built kayak,  and glued them in with 3m 5200.  probably overkill,  but they don't leak.  I used the form closest to where the bulkhead was going to be positioned,  they were a little tough to get in the hull though...  

RE: Minicel Foam Bulkheads

I'm sure there is a very good reason, but I wonder exactly why N. Schade reccomends foam bulheads for the Night Heron? Weight savings? I'm planning a Shearwater Hybrid for my next build. Can I use foam bulkheads?

RE: Minicel Foam Bulkheads

In one of his books (I can't put my hands on them right now for the exact reference), N Schade says the foam bulkhead allow the boat to flex.  Solid bulkheads could make a boat too rigid and cause a crack when the boat flexes.

Regards,  Mike

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